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BEE GEES Forever Hits Media Collection 1960-1972

BEE GEES Forever Hits Media Collection 1960-1972

BEE GEES Forever Hits Media Collection 1960-1972 TIME 294min RANK A PRO SHOT

商品番号 8308
商品名 BEE GEES Forever Hits Media Collection 1960-1972
販売価格 3,024円
税別価格 2,800円
送料区分 送料別
配送タイプ レターパックプラス


VOLUME ONE (1960 ? 1967):


Time Is Passing By (‘Anything Goes’, Australian TV, 1960)


My Old Man’s a Dustman / Hilly Billy Ding Dong Choo / Blowing In The Wind / Little Band Of Gold / The Battle Of The Blue And The Grey / Three Kisses Of Love / Take Hold Of That Star / Please Please Me (‘Brian Henderson’s Bandstand’, 1963)


Don’t Say Goodbye (‘Reg Lindsay's Country & Western Hour’, 1964)


I Want You To Want Me / Sweets For My Sweet / Da Doo Ron Ron / Doll Gags (sketch) (‘Brian Henderson’s Bandstand’, 1964)


I Was A Lover / Wine And Women (Australian TV, 1965)


Spicks And Specks (Promo Video, 1966)


Out Of Time / Spicks And Specks (Australian TV, 1966)


New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Promo Video, 1967)


New York Mining Disaster 1941 (‘Beat Club’, 20th May 1967)


Close Another Door (Norwegian TV, 1967)


To Love Somebody (Promo Video, 1967)


To Love Somebody (‘Beat Club’, 23rd September 1967)


I Can’t See Nobody (Promo Video, 1967)


Holiday (Promo Video, 1967)


Holiday (unknown TV show, 1967)


Massachusetts (‘Beat Club’, 25th November 1967)


Sir Geoffrey Saved The World + Massachusetts (‘Discorama’, French TV, 24th December 1967)


Massachusetts (‘Top Of The pops’, 26th December 1967)


 World (Promo, 1967)


World (‘Beat Club’, 30th December 1967)





VOLUME TWO (1968 ? 1970):



Words + And The Sun Will Shine (‘The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour’, 4th February 1968)


Words (French TV Promo Video, February 1968)


Words (‘The Ed Sullivan Show’, 17th March 1968)


Harry Braff (‘Beat Club’, 6th April 1968)


I’ve Got To Get a Message To You (‘Beat Club’, 16th November 1968)


I’ve Got To Get a Message To You (‘Hollywood Palace’, 23rd November 1968)


Idea / Massachusetts / I Started A Joke / Such A Shame / When The Swallows Fly / Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry / Harry Braff / Swan Song / I've Decided To Join The Airforce / I've Got To Get A Message To You (‘Idea’, German TV special, 12th November 1968)


Interview (‘Beat Club’, 31st December 1968)


Swan Song / I’ve Got To Get a Message To You (‘Go Go Scope’, 1969)


I Started A Joke / First Of May (‘This Is Tom Jones’, 21st February 1969)


The Singer Sang His Song (unknown TV show, 1969)


Lemons Never Forget (Promo Video, 1969)


Tomorrow Tomorrow (Promo, 1969) (Barry and Maurice only)


Interview + Saved By The Bell (‘Beat Club’, 2nd August 1969) (Robin Gibb solo)


Saved By The Bell + One Million Years (Spanish TV, 1970) (Robin Gibb solo)


Massachusetts / I Started A Joke (‘Redwood Festival’, New Zealand, 2nd February 1970) (Robin Gibb solo)


The Lord / My Thing / I Was The Child / Then You Left Me / Don’t Forget To Remember / I.O.I.O. / If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else (‘Cucumber Castle’, 1970) (Barry and Maurice only)




VOLUME THREE (1970 ? 1972)



Lonely Days (Promo, 1970)


Lonely Days (‘The Rolf Harris Show’, 1970)


How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (‘The Roger Whittaker Show’, 1971)


Live At The Royal Festival Hall, Melbourne, 1971


New York Mining Disaster 1941 / To Love Somebody / Really And Seriously / Every Second Every Minute / Lay It On Me / Jingle Jangle Morning Of My Life / Holiday / I Can’t See Nobody / Words / How Can You Mend A Broken Heart / I Started A Joke / I’ve Got To Get A Message To You / Massachusetts / Lonely Days / Spicks And Specks


The Greatest Man In The World (Australian press conference, 1971)


My World (Promo Video, 1972)


My World (‘Top Of The Pops’, 13th January 1972)


My World / Lonely Days / Words (Italian TV, 1972)


Run To Me (Promo Video, 1972)


Run To Me (unknown TV show, 1972)


Alive (‘Toppop’, Dutch TV, late 1972)